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About This Project
Rick Liner called regarding his wife Teresa (Terry). She is 66 and has a rare neurological disease, that is similar to MS, called Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO), also called Divics disease. She used to work at one of Jacksonville’s hospitals and all healthcare workers have to get flu shots. About 7.5 years ago during the swine flu scare, she got the flu shot, three days later she passed out at work. They ran all sorts of tests and it turns out that the flu shot is what gave her NMO. It attacks the spine wall and she has been in a wheelchair for the past year and a half. She was still able to walk with a walker until about 6 months ago, when he tried to help her walk down the steps and she had a panic attack, he’s had to carry her down the stairs ever since. But because he has a bad back, Rick has to call a neighbor to help Terry in and out of their home.
About three months ago she was not doing well, so Rick took Terry to the ER. She was there for 18 hours before they admitted her. While at the hospital, she almost died because they hadn’t marked her as a feeder, so they weren’t administering food and water. She went to rehab to get well again, and while there became sick with the MRSA bacteria. She is currently much better and about to be released from rehab.
Rick has been looking at ramp options, he said the cheapest quote he had received was $3,800. He said that he could pay for a ramp, but that they are seriously tight on money because he’s going to need to get his bathroom redone to remove the garden tub so that he can wheel her into a shower.
Rick needed a way to help Terry in and out of the house by himself and the ramp fulfills that need! Thanks to the wonderful volunteers who gave of their time and skills and to Nick Sandifer of Sandifer Custom Homes for the donation of the lumber! You all are awesome!