Builderscare | The Smith’s
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About This Project

Back in October, the Smith’s had a giant tree fall on their house during Hurricane Matthew. Thankfully the house is made of brick, so when the tree hit the home, it didn’t take it out completely, however it still caused one of the ceiling boards to hit Mrs. Smith in the head as she was tucking her daughter in to bed. As you can see from the photos, the tree caused an immense amount of damage. Not only did the tree take out the roof, but it also caused water damage and mold throughout a lot of the home due to the large amount of rains since October. Essentially the Smith’s have been living without more then half of their roof for the last 9 months. Builders Care heard the story and saw the damage, and we wanted to help! The Smith’s now have a more then sustainable roof that should last them for years to come!