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Your company or family can make a tangible difference in the community. Sponsor a Builders Care project in full or contribute to small home repairs, and see your contribution put to work.  Contact Builders Care by email to learn more about project sponsorship.

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    Wheelchair ramp for elderly disabled woman

    Pearl W. 83 years old, had a stroke in 2010 leaving the left side of her body paralyzed. Uses a walker, but getting increasingly difficult to get around due to the osteoporosis. She lives alone in a mobile home and is in need of a wheelchair ramp. Need roughly $1200 for materials and labor.
    $0.00 donated of $1,200.00 goal
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    Veteran in dire need of home improvements

    John W is a combat vet who has lost the use of half his body, leaving him permanently in a wheelchair. Builders Care recently fixed his roof to stop the leaks, but his home needs much more work to be done. His wheelchair ramp is rotting, the door frame on the back of his house is collapsing, leaving a large gap when the door is closed, and he could really use two doors widened so that he can access the bathroom without scraping the walls with his wheelchair. $1500
    $0.00 donated of $1,500.00 goal

    Paraplegic single mother in need of home maintenance

    Rebecca G, 37, is a paraplegic and single mother. In 1995, a couple days before her 17th birthday, she was in the back of a friend’s pickup truck that rolled, crushing her spinal cord, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. She was in the hospital for four months, missing out on so much school put her behind for graduation, so she worked diligently to get her GED. Which she did and went on to college where she majored in psychology and art history. After completing college she was hired to work at the Cummer Museum in the education department. This was her dream job. During that time, she developed scoliosis and eventually her spine broke again with the only option being surgery to fuse her spine into a single rod. Due to the pain, she was unable to continue work and had to go on disability. She married, had a baby, Olivia who is now four and divorced. Her child support and disability, after paying the mortgage and electric bill, does not leave her with much money to spend on home maintenance, which she is in desperate need of. Her shoulders are beginning to fail, which means that Builders Care would love to make her kitchen handicap accessible. She is also in need of a new HVAC system and roof. $15,000 would be an answer to her many prayers.
    $0.00 donated of $15,000.00 goal