It was a big year for Builders Care

30 Jan 2020

It was a big year for Builders Care

Justin Brown, executive director of NEFBA’s charitable arm, looks back at 2017.
Executive Director, Builders Care
Builders Care exists solely due to the generous support of our NEFBA community. The willingness of so many who give their time, money and resources astounds me. We are ever grateful for this opportunity to serve our area’s most vulnerable.

We see a lot of leaking roofs and Builders Care allocates most of our resources to repair roofs.

In 2017 we repaired 39 roofs. We assisted with three full re-roofing projects. Wind and rain (and hurricanes) and delayed maintenance and neglect are the primary causes.

Accessibility for disabled individuals is another major unmet need in our community. The city has a waiting list of more than a year for assistance. Whether it is access to a shower, the bathroom or outside, the gift of accessibility is wonderful to provide.

In 2017, Builders Care provided 10 families with wheelchair ramps, assisted five families with handicap accessibility rehabs and two disabled homeowners with major flooring repairs.

The Providence Homes’ donation from their Home from the Heart project allowed Builders Care to complete about 30 percent more jobs than in 2016.

Builders Care handled five critical plumbing issues and four projects securing the home. Builders Care helped two families with required home repairs to keep their homeowners insurance from being canceled.

Emergencies and outreach

Also in 2017, Builders Care was able to help two families with home fire restoration projects and handled one major electrical emergency.

Because of the imminent fire hazard, JEA allowed one homeowner 10 days to get the wiring fixed or electrical service would be discontinued, which would have meant loss of income for someone who works from home.

Builders Care’s mission includes helping other nonprofits with kindred missions. Among those we partnered with last year were the Church of Eleven22; the Southside Keller Williams office for its National Red Day; the Independent Living Resource Center; Her Song, dedicated to caring for victims of human trafficking: and Design from the HeART.

Last year, we helped 92 families and five nonprofits. Of the 92 families, six were the victims of contractor fraud.

It is an honor to be a part of an organization that plays such a critical role in our community.

People often ask how can a construction company be not for profit? The answer is the Northeast Florida Builders Association and the enormous hearts of so many of its members.

Thank you to everyone who helps Builders Care — past present and future.
To learn more about Builders Care, projects to help the community and a complete list of Caring Members donors visit, or call Justin Brown at 727-3443.

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