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Home From The Heart

The Home from the Heart program was brought to Builders Care by Providence Homes. The concept is for home builders to build one of the homes in a neighborhood at cost and all the profit is donated. The subcontractors and vendors also participate by donating their profit on this home. Between the vendors, subcontractors, and home builders, over the past three years Builders Care has received nearly $350,000 in donations. The home builders love this program because it allows them to do an enormous amount of good for the community but does not requires doing anything different, other than forgoing profit. Builders Cares loves this program because it virtually funds our overhead for the year, freeing us to engage in the community and really help nonprofits as well as low income homeowners in desperate need. We cannot thank our Home From The Heart builders enough

The Builders Care Mission

Builders Care is a faith based nonprofit construction contractor whose mission is to provide affordable to no cost construction services to the elderly, disabled, other nonprofits in Northeast Florida with the kindred purpose of building a better habitat for all. We combine purchased and donated material with volunteer and professional labor to provide cost effective construction to those in need.

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