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Builders Care Is Funded By You.

We are grant and privately funded and not tied to one single source so our impact remains independent and neutral, without a slant or point-of-view. It is why all kinds of people walk through the door. Your contribution ensures that the work continues. Thank you for considering giving to the Builders Care mission. With your generous support, you’ll stand with us as we engage people for community change. Your donation provides an opportunity for people to come together and build a better habitat for those in need, whom cannot help themselves. By engaging, empowering, and uplifting these individuals through our construction projects we can end the problem of substandard housing in NE Florida and be a witness of God’s love. There are many ways to give your time, talent, and treasure and we encourage you to find the medium of sharing your love for the mission that best suits you.
Builders Care is a tax-exempt corporate entity as described in section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Builders Care must approve in advance the acceptance of any non-cash gift. If such gifts are accepted, the needs of Builders Care as voted on by the Executive Director and Board of Directors will determine how the asset is used. The donor always has the right to designate the gift for a specific project and if they do so, the gift will be utilized for that project. All Gifts will be accounted for through a receipt

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